Tuesday, November 19, 2013

These Boots are Made for Walking

I love stilettos and can't resist exquisite Manolo Blahniks or impossibly high heel Louboutins.  Real talk I only wear my priceless beauties if I am (a) getting in a cab (b) going into a bar, restaurant, gala where I can sit down.  Each season I always need two pair of boots  for walking comfort. They have to cost under $50 and $100 is my limit. I always buy a pair of Bearpaw boots. Everyone loves Uggs but I live for my fleece lovelies for ultimate comfort. Especially if I have been prancing and dancing around in heels all night. If had a cocktail or three and my judgement is impaired and the next day my footsies suffer. I need a combat boot for badassiness. I love the pair I  found at Forever 21 or as I call it Forever 40.  H&M has gorgeous leather boots for $99. Mmmm well I am gonna need three pair! 

The big problem with comfortable shoes is you want to wear them all the time.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My First DVF

The summer of 77’, I came to Manhattan for a summer course at Parson School of Design. I had barely arrived  and went to the payphone in my dorm lobby  to call my Mom to send money and finance some new wardrobe purchases. I bought my first of many Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Then a seventeen year old lady looking fabulous could  slip into a disco, order a Pina Colada or Black Russian and dance the hustle to Barry White, Donna Summer and The Bee Gees. My Uncle Ted and his girlfriend drove from New Jersey to see how I made it through the big blackout. I met them at the elegant Art Deco designed  One Fifth  for brunch of mimosa, Eggs benedict and capaccino.  As I entered the restaurant in my red DVF wrap dress and Charles Jourdan sandals and clutch, they were stunned by my transformation to   a chic Manhattan woman.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Heavyweights

When I first came to New York to study at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, Al Pacino commanded the stage in "American Buffalo". I must have seen that play three times to watch the master. Better yet a heavyweight in the ring  so organic and real was his performance. I think I have seen every play he has been in except "Salome". Here are  two heavyweight actors in the prime of their careers, Reg E.Cathey and Dylan Baker from my Huffington Post blog.

"Shawshank Redemption" London

Currently in the reoccurring role of Freddy, the owner of Freddy's BBQ, in Netflix' original series "House of Cards" and The Riper in ABC's "Grimm", Reg E. Cathey is an actor’s actor. His palette commands a range of characters from lawyers, veterans, drug addicts, historical figures, Shakespeare and homeless men.  He is known for diverse and challenging acting roles in stage (The Shawshank Redemption, Art, The Green Bird), television {The Wire, Law & Order, Homicide, Oz, The Corner) and film  (Everyday People, S.W.A.T., Pootie Tang). Reg E. is a dangerous actor you never know what he’ll bring to the work that is why cutting edge directors cast him. An alum of Yale School of Drama, his fellow classmates include David Alan Grier, Dylan Baker and Jim Simpson. He and Jim were roommates at Yale and beyond. Both two poor to afford furniture they managed to “borrow” a couch, chairs and a desk. Reg E. laughs, What happens in the event horizon stays in the event horizon”. A quote passed down by his father Red Cathey,an Army colonel. An Army brat, he with his mother, an educator and sister lived all over the world.   Last year Jim directed Reg E. in the A.R. Gurney play, “Heresy” at The Flea Theatre. Reg E. describes commitment to his true love theatre, “There is this one moment that the piece (play) comes together; all the blood, sweat and tears of the writer mixes with the energy of the cast and the director’s interpretation of the piece. At certain performances all that energy comes together with the audience. Some say you have the audience in the palm of your hand but the audience also has you in the palm of their hand. This energy creates a beautiful thing that has a short life. It’s better than sex. No matter how talented, skilled or trained you are the next performance may not get here. That’s the dragon I’m chasing.” Off to New Mexico to work on the indie film, “Enemy Way” with Harvey Keitel, Brenda Blethyn, Ellen Burstyn and Forest Whitaker, Reg E. Cathey is riding the dragon.
Boyishly handsome with piercing blue eyes and an enigmatic smile   actor Dylan Baker   could easily   play to type .The talented Mr. Baker delivers   dramatic subtle performances of deeply flawed modern men.    Since his brilliant turn as the immoral and depraved Bill Maplewood in the film “Happiness”, Dylan has   garnered kudos from critics and audiences. (Independent Spirit Awards, Critics Choice ).  

One of the most original and steadily employed actors in the business Dylan excels in roles on stage (Eastern Standard, La Bête, Mauritius, November, God of Carnage) television  (Damages, Smash, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Kings) and film (Thirteen Days, Road to Perdition, Revolutionary Road, Spider-man 2,Spider-man 3).  His role as Colin Sweeny on “The Good Wife” has earned two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Guest Actor. Equally in demand for theater roles by the best playwrights (David Mamet, Theresa Rebeck, Howard Korder) an actor of his depth must have a role he yearns to play.

“I was always drawn to play Shakespeare's King Henry II, and I even worked on his speeches for years.  I never got a chance to play him, tho Colin Sweeney is a bit of a modern take on him.  I don't know if Sweeney will ever have the self-awareness and clear-headed thought process that Henry has, though.  But perhaps season 6 will venture into a new realm: "Let's sit on the ground and tell sad stories of the death of millionaires".”

Dylan has been directing regional (New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, Williamstown Theater Festival) and Off Broadway theatre between acting roles.  He is making his feature film-directing debut   with the independent film, “23 Blast ”.   23 Blast actually is based on a true story about guy named Travis Freeman, a football player in Corbin, KY who after he lost his sight, played football again.  That was pretty exciting.  For those families to trust us with their story, to have faith that we would render their story on the big screen in a way that would honor that story.  It is an awesome responsibility, and it's humbling.  
The same work ethic and craft he applies to his acting Dylan brings to directing.
“I love to work with people, to find those who are the best at their jobs, and to turn them loose to do their thing.  I have heard it said that 90% of successful directing is casting, and I agree, but I'd raise that maybe 9% more.  I love actors, I love watching them work.  And now that I have seen what a great editor can do, that really attracts me to directing.  The editing process was even more enjoyable than shooting, and the shooting was a gas!  My film, 23 Blast, really opened my eyes to the potential of film, the possibility of telling a story, of thrilling an audience sith a communal experience.  I never get over hearing a crowd laugh together at something I think is funny; it is the best high ever.”

A class act, Dylan’s greatest pleasure is his contribution to the work.
“I think all acting is a descendant of that first impulse around the camp fire to tell a story.  I enjoy telling stories, and I love it, film, TV, theater, when I can do my part and get that story out there.  When you really connect with an audience to the point where they get the message, they happily go on the journey the writer intends to take them on, that brings me great joy. “ 

Monday, October 21, 2013

The List

I found myself getting out the house later and later.  Or I just curl up in my big comfy chair with a pint of Adirondack Creamery Cardamom ice cream and an iPad full of books and movies which doesn't help. I'll have some delightful evening planned but when I start to get dress I get more and more irritated. These dresses are too tight, my leg won't go into these pants and that skirt shows how big my but has gotten. Since I have been a teenager my weight will go up ten pounds.  I will take it off eventually but for now I go through my closet and get the sads. Then it dawned on me. I hadn't kept up with 'The List' The list of clothes I look great in no matter what I weigh. Years ago I found Dame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux’s book, “Elegance” in a thrift shop that is my bible. I highly recommend you get the book for her ideal wardrobe list. Here is an except:

COATS: The smartest are the simplest, whose elegance resides in the quality of the material, the colour and the refinement of their basic lines.
DRESSES: The wardrobe of an elegant woman might comprise a black crepe dress, simple but chic, for cocktails, dinner and the theatre; a white wool dress for lunch, afternoon and informal evenings; and a bright dinner dress in rich wool or silk.
SUITS: A good suit is the foundation of a woman's wardrobe, ideal to wear all day in every season. Don't skimp.
Brill! Here is my List:
1.Leggings   (great pants from Donna Karan DKNY or DKNYC. Either one. Great with shooties, booties, combat boots, pumps whatever)

22. Sexy dress  (I love this shirred number from Sofia Vergara at KmartBrava Sofia)

33.     Wrap Dress (Diane Von Furstenberg except no other).    
44.Grey Sheath  (Found one at H&M on sale  YAASSS!)

55. Cashmere separates. (The best TSE cashmere. Sexy, elegant and expensive A big investment but worth it)
Now I‘m back to being fashionably late.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Merging   Silicon Valley with Hollywood these talented men are juggling active careers in   show business   and   founding social media platforms.  Leading the way   actor (“Two and a Half Men”, “No Strings Attached”), director (“Punk’d”), investor   and producer Ashton Kutcher ‘s Katalyst Networks launched   “utilizing “entertainment content, advertising, and online conversation that finds its audience via video, animation, Twitter, blogs, texts, and mobile. "  in 200.     Ashton has been an early adopter of Twitter and with Grade A partners Ron Burkle and Guy Oseary   an  equity investor in social media   and tech companies (Skype, Spotify, Flipboard, Foursquare). Called by Fast Company as one of the "Most Influential Companies," Katalyst Network has a slate of film and television production. His Katlyst Media provides  award winning content to  a roster of blue chip clients   like Kellogg, Mountain Dew, Levis .

Hip Hop artist, actor and producer Sean Combs   has been an entrepreneur since he began in the music business with Bad Boy Records producing other artists. As his media and lifestyle brand  (clothing, fragrance, spirits, restaurants) evolved Bad Boy Records expanded into   Bad Boy Worldwide. All   while   acting in film, television and Broadway  (“A Raisin in the Sun”) Sean   became executive producer on the Oscar nominated documentary, “Undefeated “ and reality television shows “Making the Band”.   His   new media startup Revolt TV devoted   to music is actively recruiting talent in partnership with Time Warner Cable.

Actor  (“Loper”,  “30 Days”) Joseph Gordon Levitt   just made his feature film directorial debut with “Don Jon” co-starring Scarlett Johansson.  His new media company Hit record Joe   is an open collaborative production company for writers, filmmakers, musicians and artist.  Joe ‘s Hit RECord has a television deal with Participant Media’s new channel Pivot to produce a variety show featuring artists from his collaborative with him as the host.

Actor (“Entourage”),director and  documentary producer (Teenage Paparazzo, How to Make money selling Drugs ) Adrian Grenier ‘s social media platform, SHFT content is devoted to green initiatives and sustainability in culture and lifestyle.   SHFT has an impressive board of directors including Arianna   Huffington and Richard Branson.   Adrian has been tapped by Hulu to produce, “Don’t Quit your Daydream”, a show featuring undiscovered musicians matching them with famous   artists for a chance at stardom. Ashton has become the statesman of new media and technology. Fittingly he played Apple founder Steve Jobs in “Jobs” who defined the new media moguls of the future, “It [what you choose to do] has got to be something that you’re passionate about because otherwise you won’t have the perseverance to see it through.”. Passion these guys got that.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Good Bag

I am obsessing on what handbag to buy for Fall/Winter. Summer is easy. Straw/cloth/ canvas bag, flip-flops, cotton dresses, sunscreen and your out the door.  But soon very soon, like yesterday I’ll have to put them all away. So I am relentlessly searching stores and websites for a “Good” bag.  Now a good bag is very different but not exclusive of an “It” bag. An “It” bag donates status, wealth and power.  My friends Moon and Rae Kim came by with matching orange Celine handbags.  Sadly there was fawning and envy from me but not only because it’s an “It” bag but also a “Good” bag. The whole point of a “Good” bag is functionality. A “Good” bag has to carry my wallet, PDA, makeup, nail kit, gym lock, extra shoes, glasses (sunnies and readers), pens, stamps, e-reader, keys, passport, vitamin packs, water, pashmina, toothbrush, snacks, hair brush, pack of scrunchies (lose them all the time), perfume vial and maybe a yoga mat. Also I have to be able to spill coffee or wine on my bag on a weekly basis. Real talk it happens to me all the time. I have to be able to reach in my bag and get what I need but not be so open a mugger can get anything. Frankly zippers are a disaster waiting to happen especially after a manicure. Snaps and buckles on a bag are good but magnets are a joke. My personal preference is a bag without any logos or initials. I agree with Bottega Venetta, “My own initials are enough”. Another great bag. Or Hermes Kelly bag with a discreet logo carried by the ever fashionable Lisa Santiago. I love all the beautiful colors each season. I’ve got no time to be coordinating, color blocking or any other chic jurshing with my outfit (which can be anything to a wrap dress or yoga pants or jeans). My good bag is a workhorse in brown or black. So what’s out there that’s caught my eye.

The Ralph Lauren “Ricky bag, yes please. I covet the Hermes "Birkin" bag. J’adore the Tom Ford's “Petra” bag. The Coach “Madison Caroline” bag is a classic to love. Now I am ready to hit it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Indian Movie Stars

In “My Horizontal Life” Chelsea Handler chimes, “I don't know what it is about accents that makes me want to get undressed and high-five myself.” Now replace accents with handsome, sexy and talented Indian actors; Shah Rukn Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Naveen Andrews. If these names are not familiar except to their loyal Bollywood and “LOST” fans they should be. Shah Rukn Khan is “The King”of Bollywood. Abhishek Bachchan is Bollywood royalty. Master thespian Naveen Andrews was named as one of People’s 2006' World's Most Beautiful. A definite see "My name is Khan"is a thoughtful film about prejudice after 9/11 starring Shah Rukn Khan. According to Anne Thompson in Indiewire, Shah Rukn Khan’s latest film “Chennai Express” has shattered that film’s box office record. Married to the world’s most beautiful woman, Abhishek Bachchan is part mogul, action star and hip hop artist. Abhishek’s father Bollywood legend Amitabh was in Baz Luhrman ‘s “The Great Gatsby” remake starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I hope we won’t have to wait as long for Abhishek to make his Hollywood debut. I predict Abhishek Bachchan will be the new George Clooney. We all love Naveen Andrews as Sayid from “LOST”. But it’s been too long since he’s had a leading man role in a love story as memorable as “The English Patient” with Juliette Binoche. Perfectly cast Naveen’s in the new film, “Diana” as surgeon Doctor Hasnat Khan who was Princess Diana’s great love.
OK Hollywood let’s look at it from a monetary standpoint. The global cultural market is too huge to ignore.  Deadline has been on watch for showbiz in India cross over. Citing stats from MovieMojo.com, Times of India has ranked “Chennai Express” #13 at the U.S. Box Office. Starring these talented actors in mainstream films will make it rain at the box office.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


New York Times bestselling  author  (“What Looks like Crazy on an Ordinary Day”, “Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do”)and playwright (“Blues for an Alabama Sky”, “Flyin West”), Pearl Cleage  and filmmaker (“Alma’s Rainbow”) Ayoka Chenzira  have teamed up to produce  the feature film adaptation of Pearl Cleage’s novel“, Babylon Sisters”. Single mother Catherine Sanderson has her hands full with her job helping immigrants, and a college bound daughter, Phoebe.    But when news journalist Burghardt Johnson blows into town, she finds her world turned upside down. Catherine impassioned, "I wondered if it was possible to be in love with a man and develop a vocabulary free of the responses that make every conversation a minefield of hurt feelings, half-truths, and dashed expectations." Not only do they have history, BJ enlists her help in a story on a female slavery ring operating in Atlanta.  Pearl Cleage fans agree with director Ayoka, “I love the flaws in the romance – it’s so human.  The romantic leads have personal struggles but also understand that they are also fighting for something greater than themselves.  Rarely do we see this in American cinema” The story cast light on the fight against human sex trafficking.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, human trafficking has become the second fastest growing criminal industry — just behind drug trafficking — with children accounting for roughly half of all victims.   Atlanta Fox 5 reporter Tacoma Perry uncovered, “Atlanta is a hub for human trafficking -- where sex or labor is forced, and it's not just a city problem.”  Ayoka echoes the condition of modern day slavery in Metro Atlanta exposed in the plot by the lead characters Catherine and BJ, “Babylon Sisters honors the everyday heroes in the fight. There are people dedicated to rescuing those who are being exploited, abused and held captive by modern day slavery, and despite their own personal struggles they manage to make a crippling impact on sex trafficking...Atlanta is one of the largest sex trafficking cities in the country, and Babylon Sisters is centered in metro Atlanta - this brings a focused light in exposing this international criminal activity by unearthing the real tragedies taking place under our noses.” The film project has a platform on Junto Box Films.  Junto Box Films, the brainchild of Oscar winner for Best Actor  (“The Last King of Scotland”), director (“Waiting to Exhale”) and producer (“Fruitvale Station”) Forest Whitaker has established a social media platform to fund, produce and distribute films.  Ayoka choose Junto Box Films over other crowdfunding platforms because, “The Junto Box platform allows people to support Babylon Sisters from the development process by signing up to follow, rate, and share the project through social media. Substantial support translates into a real chance of being green lit and fully funded thru Junto Box Films. Junto Box allows supporters of Babylon Sisters to hear why Pearl and I decided to collaborate.  It also allows them to hear from notable people about their support of this project thru video. From the legendary Susan Taylor who served as editor-in-chief of Essence Magazine for twenty seven years and who is considered one of the most influential African American women, to Broadway stage and film director Kenny Leon who produced Pearl plays. Junto Box uses a democratic process that gives people a voice to determine the success of a film about people with little or no voice. It is important for women in the film community to come together to tell the stories of women who donʼt have a voice.”  “Babylon Sisters’ the narrative film project deserves our support for a master storyteller’s passionate and compelling voice on the inhumane issue of human trafficking today.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dream Date with George Clooney

Oh I hope I win a date with George Clooney.  Not only because he’s tall , dark and handsome but he’s committed to protecting  lives  and humanitarian aid in the Sudan  with the  Satellite Sentinel Project.  Inspired  by the paparazzo who trail his every move, George financed a satellite on Northern and Southern Sudan to watch  and respond to  human rights violations in the civil war torn  region. Did you know George donated his whole Nepresso paycheck to the Satellite Sentinel Project?  What a man! 
The date begins with a stop at the Letterman Show and then you get to sashay with George down the red carpet premiere of his new movie, “Monuments Men”. In W magazine George confessed that he hasn’t fallen in love.  So if I win I’ll BYOB the Limón cello after all it’s cuffing season.

Monday, June 24, 2013


At the end of his GQ magazine article, ”The New and Improved Leading Man”, Mark Harris asks the question about the movie “Magic Mike”, “Remember the other guy in the movie? You know, the young guy who played...you know, the Guy? What’s his name?“ Well Mark we do.   AdamRodriquez. Joe Mangniello. These two gorgeous and talented actors should be bona fide Movie Stars.  The most important rule of being a leading man is best described in “Bambi vs. Godzilla” by the venerable David Mamet, “These men, and their performances, are characterized by the absence of the desire to please. On screen, they don’t have anything to prove, and so we are extraordinarily drawn to them. They are not sensitive: they are not antiheroes; they are to use a historic term, “he-men”. How refreshing.” Today’s movie going audiences have seen real men in the media, 9/11 first responders and Seal Team Six. John Wayne and Cary Grant were molded by a studio system but you believed they could lead a posse or sweep a woman off her feet (literally). Later Paul Newman, Gene Hackman, Gregory Peck studied acting at the New York schools (Meisner, Strasberg, Adler) on GI Bills and probably know the price of eggs, butter and gas. A seasoned actor’s work is enthused with his life experience and the audience can relate to his authenticity. I feel that’s what is lacking in the current crop. I don’t see any reason they can’t have long careers too. In “Adventures in the Screen Trade” William Goldman derides the list mentality while casting “Misery” and how the delicious Richard Gere has successfully defied the peak shelf life logic and continues to do so (“American Gigolo”, “Pretty Woman” Arbitrage”). 
Actors have bills like everyone else so there's nothing wrong with a nice payday from a big franchise film or blockbuster and a nice cushion to explore indie film roles.  My question is does Hollywood have to remake the same three authors and franchises every ten years. The New York Times bestseller list is rampant with excellent books by authors Pelecanos, Carcaterra, Quinonez and Mosley.  How about “Meet John Doe”, “Evil Roy Slade” give Kate Hudson a call and remake her mom’s movie, “The Duchess and The Dirt Water Fox”. Adam would be great as Miguel Melendez of The Young Lords”. For the production cost of “John Carter” Disney could have produced five movies. So having said my piece I’m going to have myself a Magnum ice cream bar.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Sometimes I blog at the HuffPost here are two recent posts on my fav topic : Divas. 

 Delicious Diva Sasha Allen

If your not watching the NBC’s “ The Voice” you are missing someone special, Sasha Allen.  Triple threat talent Sasha is a singer, actress and classical pianist who has honed her talent on Broadway (“Hair”), cabaret (Joe’s Pub) and backup vocals. Beautiful and talented imagine a mash up of Alicia Keys, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston, that’s her. Last week’s elimination show was a nail biter as major contender’s   stunning beauty Judith Hill belted out “The Way You Make me Feel” and Sarah Simmons showed her sexy side in a silver sequined fringed skirt with a powerful rendition of  “Mama Knows Best”. Rocking a crop top and spandex mini skirt mother of two, Sasha brung it with awesome vocals singing “Next to Me”. Kudos to the stylist of “The Voice”, one week modern day Lena Horne, Sasha sang “At Last” in a long white gown with a thigh high slit and another week she owned “The Beatles song “Oh Darling” in a curvy off the shoulder mini dress. The battle rounds were pure drama. In an “Oh no he didn’t” moment coach and “Maroon 5” front man Adam Levine let her go from his team. Superstar coaches Shakira and Usher hit their buzzers before host Carson Daly finished talking. That week, I had no go out and steady my nerves with a sweet martini. She is now the solo performer on Team Shakira.  Like reality stars before her (Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert and Kelly Clarkson) “The Voice” is a great platform for her to reach mega stardom. I will be voting. I hope you will too.

Semper Fabulous : Diahann Carroll

 Caught an episode of “White Collar” and there was the legend, actress/singer Diahann Carroll belting out a sultry song in her  recurring role, June Ellington.  This elegant lady has lived more than 3/4 of a century. Talented, beautiful and stylish (Best Dressed list), author (“The Legs are the Last to Go”, “Diahann”), singer (Vegas, concerts,albums), Broadway (“Agnes of God”, Tony Award winner for “No Strings”, )  television star (first black female television star “Julia”, “Dynasty”), and movie star (Oscar nominee “Claudine”, “Eve’s Bayou”, “The Five Heartbeats“Paris Blues”, “Peeples”) Diahann Carroll is everything.  I learned the term “Semper Fabulous” from Susan Fales Hill’s memoir, “Always Wear Joy” about her mother Josephine Premice. Josephine Premice, Diahann Carroll and Ruby Dee dressed to the nines braved the racism of 1960’s show business to realize stardom. Before Halle was nominated, Kerry Washington got Scandalous, Mrs O. made the List and Beyonce was bootylicious, Diahann Carroll was their first.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Isn’t it Romantic?

Recently two essays   on the dearth and death of romantic comedies produced since 2000 appeared, "Why are Romantic Comedies So Bad?" and "Are Romantic Comedies Dead?".  A romantic comedy doesn’t explore the hardcore reality of grief, prostitution, mental illness, cultural pressure, familial relationships, class warfare, and racial and economic inequality. Methinks the essays missed the point that the genre is all about heighten reality where true love sweeps aside obstacles  for the hero and heroine to live happily ever after. The 2012 Best Picture Oscar nominee “Silver Linings Playbook” was mentioned as a successful example of the genre in both pieces.  Personally I love the movie but Bradley Cooper and Best Actress Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence   must be the two hottest people in Philly. If Bradley and Chris Tucker are typical mental patients, ladies go over to the nearest psychiatric hospital and sign out a guy today. That’s why the film is so engaging and you root for the couple to come together despite their mental health challenges and relationship history. Why more romantic comedies aren’t green light by studios is a good question. All the films mentioned below performed at the box office and some picked up major film awards.  Contemporary films have been produced that can stand the test of time based on the same classic romantic comedy plot formulas (“How to Marry a Millionaire”, “The Lady Eve”, “Roman Holiday”, “It Happened One Night”, “That Touch of Mink”, “Some Like it Hot”, “The Duchess and The Dirtwater Fox”, ”Heaven Can Wait”, ”Marriage Italian Style”  “For Pete’s Sake”).  The best ROMCOM plots are the most ludicrous just like in life. As time goes by, it’s the same old (great) story of hooker/gold-digger transformed by true love (“Priceless”, "Pretty Woman"), career girl falls for unlikely guy  (“No Reservations”, “The Proposal”, “The Artist”, “Leap Year”), Con artist falls for mark  (“Intolerable Cruelty”), in love with a commoner (“Maid in Manhattan”, “The Princess Diaries”, “Notting Hill”), true love triumphs over family drama (“Caramel”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Saving Face”), commitment phobic player meets match (“Something’s Got to Give”, “A Good Year”, “Think Like a Man”), bad girl gone good  (“I can do Bad all By Myself”, “Raising Helen”), never too late for love (“The Exotic Marigold Hotel”) and time travel for soul mates (“Family Man”, “Kate & Leopold”)   Could the essays have focused on films and actors on the right track instead of calling out creative lovely talented actors and actresses  that coulda, woulda , shoulda?   Heavy is the Cary Grant mantle for George Clooney. Actor and director, producer of 2012 Best Picture Oscar “Argo”, humanitarian (“A Journey to Darfur”, “Not on our Watch”, “Hope for Haiti Now”) George is profoundly busy. Sigh. Darling we will wait for you. Let’s not give the genre a post mortem yet.  As long as there is date night, chick flicks that cares what it’s called, audiences will go to the Cineplex to see romantic comedies. I’ll be there with my big gulp soda, popcorn and Snowcaps. See ya at the movies.

Monday, March 11, 2013


My bestie called to ask me about getting back into show business. She has national commercial credits and was an Elite fashion model. But a   lot has changed from the days when we went on foot to agent’s offices, checked our answering machines on a pay phone and picked up sides in person.  (Wow I am old) Show business, the last of the handshake businesses has gone high tech. Everybody has a smartphone or you can’t compete.  An agent or casting director should be able to communicate with you ASAP. Your phone should also have your headshot, résumé in PDF, composite and reel on point.   Producers and directors look at reels and resumes for talent round the clock thereby a website and/or web page is essential. For “Full Metal Jacket” director Stanley Kubrick placed ads for actors to submit audition tapes.  This has now become a standard industry practice.  Having a good   HD   handheld camera for audition submissions when requested or to create your own content is an advantage.

 Brette Taylor’s website is the perfect presentation of her work and contact info. Actress, singer and activist Carole Davis is a good example of utilizing the IMDB resume page for her credits and reel. Actress and songbird, Erica Gimpel uses her website to highlight her singing and songwriting with a link to her album on iTunes. Seasoned actor Tony LoBianco promotes and sells tickets to his one-man show, “Little Flower” about Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. Actress and photo journalist   Lia Chang features her   iActor resume the SAG/AFTRA online casting directory on her website. Luca Della Valle networks at Stage32 with upcoming directors , writers and producers.  

YouTube offers opportunities to showcase a professional reel and creative independent   productions. Multi hyphenate actress, director, coach and producer Rosalyn Coleman of Red Wall productions screens her classes, interviews and films. Actor and Director Jose Yenque post on Vimeo. Thespian Craig Bierko likes to mix it up on his YouTube channel @MrCraigBierkoVision.

From the comfort of your computer   submissions to agents and casting companies can be made at Actors Access and Backstage.com. Get over to Reality Wanted for the latest casting on a reality talent competition show. The SAG Foundation features   a variety of networking opportunities, casting workshops, on camera technique classes   and film screenings.  The legendary Actors Fund provides financial assistance, scholarships, health clinics, survival job information, employment skills workshops and affordable housing to professional actors.  The Conrad Cantzen Shoe Fund is still reimbursing performers in need for a pair of shoes.  Planning to produce your own theatre piece ART/NY has workshops for members on every aspect of theater production. Material for the Arts can provide props, costumes, and furniture for your production. If you’re writing a script, Writers Guild of America has registration online. For webinars, posts and examples on treatments, formats, and screenwriting from the master see John August.  Check out The Foundation Center for free access to an extensive online grants database for  artist during  Arts Funding Month. There are so many empowering opportunities for performers online to promote and enrich their careers. Break a Leg!


I had a gift card for a makeup application in my International Emmy's Gala swag bag. So off I went to the Le Parker Méridien Hotel to ...