Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dream Date with George Clooney

Oh I hope I win a date with George Clooney.  Not only because he’s tall , dark and handsome but he’s committed to protecting  lives  and humanitarian aid in the Sudan  with the  Satellite Sentinel Project.  Inspired  by the paparazzo who trail his every move, George financed a satellite on Northern and Southern Sudan to watch  and respond to  human rights violations in the civil war torn  region. Did you know George donated his whole Nepresso paycheck to the Satellite Sentinel Project?  What a man! 
The date begins with a stop at the Letterman Show and then you get to sashay with George down the red carpet premiere of his new movie, “Monuments Men”. In W magazine George confessed that he hasn’t fallen in love.  So if I win I’ll BYOB the Limón cello after all it’s cuffing season.


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