Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Good Bag

I am obsessing on what handbag to buy for Fall/Winter. Summer is easy. Straw/cloth/ canvas bag, flip-flops, cotton dresses, sunscreen and your out the door.  But soon very soon, like yesterday I’ll have to put them all away. So I am relentlessly searching stores and websites for a “Good” bag.  Now a good bag is very different but not exclusive of an “It” bag. An “It” bag donates status, wealth and power.  My friends Moon and Rae Kim came by with matching orange Celine handbags.  Sadly there was fawning and envy from me but not only because it’s an “It” bag but also a “Good” bag. The whole point of a “Good” bag is functionality. A “Good” bag has to carry my wallet, PDA, makeup, nail kit, gym lock, extra shoes, glasses (sunnies and readers), pens, stamps, e-reader, keys, passport, vitamin packs, water, pashmina, toothbrush, snacks, hair brush, pack of scrunchies (lose them all the time), perfume vial and maybe a yoga mat. Also I have to be able to spill coffee or wine on my bag on a weekly basis. Real talk it happens to me all the time. I have to be able to reach in my bag and get what I need but not be so open a mugger can get anything. Frankly zippers are a disaster waiting to happen especially after a manicure. Snaps and buckles on a bag are good but magnets are a joke. My personal preference is a bag without any logos or initials. I agree with Bottega Venetta, “My own initials are enough”. Another great bag. Or Hermes Kelly bag with a discreet logo carried by the ever fashionable Lisa Santiago. I love all the beautiful colors each season. I’ve got no time to be coordinating, color blocking or any other chic jurshing with my outfit (which can be anything to a wrap dress or yoga pants or jeans). My good bag is a workhorse in brown or black. So what’s out there that’s caught my eye.

The Ralph Lauren “Ricky bag, yes please. I covet the Hermes "Birkin" bag. J’adore the Tom Ford's “Petra” bag. The Coach “Madison Caroline” bag is a classic to love. Now I am ready to hit it.


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