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The List

I found myself getting out the house later and later.  Or I just curl up in my big comfy chair with a pint of Adirondack Creamery Cardamom ice cream and an iPad full of books and movies which doesn't help. I'll have some delightful evening planned but when I start to get dress I get more and more irritated. These dresses are too tight, my leg won't go into these pants and that skirt shows how big my but has gotten. Since I have been a teenager my weight will go up ten pounds.  I will take it off eventually but for now I go through my closet and get the sads. Then it dawned on me. I hadn't kept up with 'The List' The list of clothes I look great in no matter what I weigh. Years ago I found Dame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux’s book, “Elegance” in a thrift shop that is my bible. I highly recommend you get the book for her ideal wardrobe list. Here is an except:

COATS: The smartest are the simplest, whose elegance resides in the quality of the material, the colour and the refinement of their basic lines.
DRESSES: The wardrobe of an elegant woman might comprise a black crepe dress, simple but chic, for cocktails, dinner and the theatre; a white wool dress for lunch, afternoon and informal evenings; and a bright dinner dress in rich wool or silk.
SUITS: A good suit is the foundation of a woman's wardrobe, ideal to wear all day in every season. Don't skimp.
Brill! Here is my List:
1.Leggings   (great pants from Donna Karan DKNY or DKNYC. Either one. Great with shooties, booties, combat boots, pumps whatever)

22. Sexy dress  (I love this shirred number from Sofia Vergara at KmartBrava Sofia)

33.     Wrap Dress (Diane Von Furstenberg except no other).    
44.Grey Sheath  (Found one at H&M on sale  YAASSS!)

55. Cashmere separates. (The best TSE cashmere. Sexy, elegant and expensive A big investment but worth it)
Now I‘m back to being fashionably late.

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