Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Updo

Spring is approaching and for me that means perfecting my updo. I am always running around from yoga to my bike to out the door for the evening. So this year I am going to be ready and perfect a elegant or messy  cool updo.I pulled a few photos (Tyra Banks, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson and Bryce Dallas Howard) for inspiration. I started collecting cute hair pins and clips.  I found some that are not only beautiful but inexpensive. 

Ann Taylor

Practice makes perfect!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Online Business of Writing

Just trying to keep up with everything is a job all it self. I've written two screenplays and  I am working on a novel. Writers have so many options to promote , produce and format their
work.  I downloaded the APE book. have been using Celtx for a year. I went to a Writer's Guild East reading at Lincoln Center in New York. After a reading of his script "99 Fake Street" a very funny comedy about Russian spies in Brooklyn, Gordon Rayfield  said he  uses  Celtx.  I went home and downloaded the program to all my devices. I love it because it helps keep all my characters organized with pictures and notes  in my "Minister of Self Defense" script because there are a lot of characters and plots  to keep track. I have both my projects in a Slideshare for links on IMBD and Linkedin. I am working on the formatting required for the Nicholl fellowship.  

I also have an excerpt and campaign at JuntoBox Films.  WithoutaBox  notifications are helpful in keeping up with the many submissions. This year I am doing  a few.  I love the new John August app 'Weekend Read'. You can even browse many of the Academy award 2013  nominated screenplays for inspiration.  Awesome.

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." - Ernest Hemingway 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Open letter to Michael K at Dlisted

 I can not live without my daily fix of Dlisted. I try to stay away but  I cantz. Also my best lines I have borrowed (stole) from you. I am quite the fabulous funny in demand  girl with my (your) clever bon mots(that's French bitches). Here are my favs:

  • Bitch street and side skank ave
  • Bye bitch
  • Lock up your everything
  • Panty creamer
  • Hard nips
  • A check is a check
  • Pussy curling
  • Hammaconda
  • unicorn tears
  • Twatter
  • Quit this bitch
  • Punch in the man kitty
  • Fame whore
  • Captain save a hoochie
  • Clutch the pearls
  • Serving glamour
  • Side eye
  • Wash out my eyeballs in bleach
  • let me exfoliate my thighs on that” stubble
  •  Scoot trick
  •     in her own wig-covered mind
  •   Chateau de Foreclosure
  •   Old school hot piece
  •  A founding member of the Not The One Club
  •  Magnum-level side eye 
  •  Being a gracious loser is so overrated and life’s too short to not snatch a crown right off of a trick’s head
  •  Shocking To Absolutely No One
  •  100-proof oh hell no
  • #getmoneybitch
  • struttin’ that ass

HRH Harry
Once I thought I saw you in New Yawk. Silly me. Your probably dripping in Prada in your French chateau spooning  with Prince Hot Ginge (HRH Prince Andrew) all bought and paid for with a big fat secret check from Mama Kardashian. Escandalo!
Mama Kris
 You wouldn't sully your purity by appearing in public, television, music videos or off off off Broadway show. Seriously I will have to consult  Detective LaToya to see where you live and go. Well, I have to focus on my writing or whatever it is I do.  Till then, I live for the day to be called 'Birthday Slut'. Deep sigh!  I just want to say reading your blog has made me a better woman(probably not). Smooches.


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