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The Updo

Spring is approaching and for me that means perfecting my updo. I am always running around from yoga to my bike to out the door for the evening. So this year I am going to be ready and perfect a elegant or messy  cool updo.I pulled a few photos (Tyra Banks, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson and Bryce Dallas Howard) for inspiration. I started collecting cute hair pins and clips.  I found some that are not only beautiful but inexpensive. 

Practice makes perfect!

The Online Business of Writing

Just trying to keep up with everything is a job all it self. I've written two screenplays and  I am working on a novel. Writers have so many options to promote , produce and format their
work.  I downloaded the APE book. have been using Celtx for a year. I went to a Writer's Guild East reading at Lincoln Center in New York. After a reading of his script "99 Fake Street" a very funny comedy about Russian spies in Brooklyn, Gordon Rayfield  said he  uses  Celtx.  I went home and downloaded the program to all my devices. I love it because it helps keep all my characters organized with pictures and notes  in my "Minister of Self Defense" script because there are a lot of characters and plots  to keep track. I have both my projects in a Slideshare for links on IMBD and Linkedin. I am working on the formatting required for the Nicholl fellowship.  
I also have an excerpt and campaign at JuntoBox Films.  WithoutaBox  notifications are helpful in keeping up with t…

Open letter to Michael K at Dlisted

I can not live without my daily fix of Dlisted. I try to stay away but  I cantz. Also my best lines I have borrowed (stole) from you. I am quite the fabulous funny in demand  girl with my (your) clever bon mots(that's French bitches). Here are my favs:

Bitch street and side skank aveBye bitchLock up your everythingPanty creamerHard nipsA check is a checkPussy curlingHammacondaunicorn tearsTwatterQuit this bitchPunch in the man kittyFame whoreCaptain save a hoochieClutch the pearlsServing glamourSide eyeWash out my eyeballs in bleachlet me exfoliate my thighs on that” stubble Scoot trickin her own wig-covered mind  Chateau de Foreclosure  Old school hot piece A founding member of the Not The One Club Magnum-level side eye  Being a gracious loser is so overrated and life’s too short to not snatch a crown right off of a trick’s head Shocking To Absolutely No One 100-proof oh hell no#getmoneybitchstruttin’ that ass

Once I thought I saw you in New Yawk. Silly me. Your probably dripping …