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The Heavyweights

When I first came to New York to study at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, Al Pacino commanded the stage in "American Buffalo". I must have seen that play three times to watch the master. Better yet a heavyweight in the ring  so organic and real was his performance. I think I have seen every play he has been in except "Salome". Here are  two heavyweight actors in the prime of their careers, Reg E.Cathey and Dylan Baker from my Huffington Post blog.

Currently in the reoccurring role of Freddy, the owner of Freddy's BBQ, in Netflix' original series "House of Cards" and The Riper in ABC's "Grimm", Reg E. Cathey is an actor’s actor. His palette commands a range of characters from lawyers, veterans, drug addicts, historical figures, Shakespeare and homeless men.He is known for diverse and challenging acting roles in stage (The Shawshank Redemption, Art, The Green Bird), television {The Wire, Law & Order, Homicide, Oz, The Corner) a…

The List

I found myself getting out the house later and later.  Or I just curl up in my big comfy chair with a pint of Adirondack Creamery Cardamom ice cream and an iPad full of books and movies which doesn't help. I'll have some delightful evening planned but when I start to get dress I get more and more irritated. These dresses are too tight, my leg won't go into these pants and that skirt shows how big my but has gotten. Since I have been a teenager my weight will go up ten pounds.  I will take it off eventually but for now I go through my closet and get the sads. Then it dawned on me. I hadn't kept up with 'The List' The list of clothes I look great in no matter what I weigh. Years ago I found Dame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux’s book, “Elegance” in a thrift shop that is my bible. I highly recommend you get the book for her ideal wardrobe list. Here is an except:
COATS: The smartest are the simplest, whose elegance resides in the quality of the material, the colour and t…


MergingSilicon Valley with Hollywood these talented men are juggling active careers in show businessandfounding social media platforms. Leading the way   actor (“Two and a Half Men”, “No Strings Attached”), director (“Punk’d”), investor   and producer Ashton Kutcher ‘s Katalyst Networks launched   “utilizing “entertainment content, advertising, and online conversation that finds its audience via video, animation, Twitter, blogs, texts, and mobile. "  in 200.     Ashton has been an early adopter of Twitter and with Grade A partners Ron Burkle and Guy Oseary   an  equity investor in social media   and tech companies (Skype, Spotify, Flipboard, Foursquare). Called by Fast Company as one of the "Most Influential Companies," Katalyst Network has a slate of film and television production. His Katlyst Media provides  award winning content to  a roster of blue chip clients   like Kellogg, Mountain Dew, Levis .
Hip Hop artist, actor and producer Sean Combshas been an entrepreneur…