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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichice

Lately I have been devouring the novels of  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I love her work. An award winning novelist (shortlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction,  Commonwealth Writers' Prize) her novels ( Purple Hibiscus, "Half of a Yellow Sun", " The Thing Around Your Neck", "We Should All Be Feminists", " Americanah") crafts stories around the issues of feminism, race, culture, war,  immigration, colonialism and assimilation. Her charming lyrical style transports readers  easily between two worlds Nigeria and America. Her TED talk 2009  "The Danger of a Single Story" had 8 million views. She followed up with a TED series on " We Should All Be Feminist" based on her book of the same name. Beautiful and fashionable  Chimamanda is profiled and styled in a photo layout in next month's  April British Vogue. She divides her time between her home in Lagos and Columbia DC  with her husband  Dr Ivara Esege.  Her novel " Half of a Yellow Sun" was made into an independent film starring Thandie Newton and   Chietwol Elijofor. According to Variety Plan B has optioned her love story " Americanah" to star Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo. More great works to come from this powerful voice in contemporary world literature. 

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Black + Beautiful Vogue Cover Girls

The first black model to grace the cover of British Vogue was Donyale Luna in 1966.  Donyale went on to star in movies directed by Otto Preminger, Federico Fellini and Andy Warhol, before the end of her short tumultuous life.   The cover of Vogue is the pinnacle of any model’s career. The honor can lead to high-end fashion and beauty contracts, film, TV and commercial roles and entrepreneurial enterprises.  The first African American model on the cover of American Vogue was Beverly Johnson.  Her career achievements include film and TV roles, two beauty books and a successful hair product line.  Beverly is the star of a reality show on OWN“Beverly’s Full House”real estate entrepreneur. The second African American model to score a Vogue cover was Peggy Dillard. Peggy is now a successfulHer Harlem salon, Turning Heads was on the vanguard of the natural hair movement.  Somalian beauty Iman is also a multi hyphenate talent. Iman is an actress, author and CEO of Iman Cosmetics. Many Vogue…


Last year I remembered a documentary I saw produced by Antoine Fuqua called, "Bastards of the Party" about the Bloods and the Crips. The director, a former gang member felt the gang turf wars grew out of the restless generation that came after The 

Black Panther Party who patrolled to monitor police brutality during the civil rights era. I thought it was fascinating it got me to thinking about Huey P. Newton co-founder and Minister of Self Defense of The Black Panther Party. I started reading everything on his life and work. Truly a labor of love one book on Eldridge Cleaver (Eldridge Cleaver author of Soul on Ice and Minister of Information became a Republican ) would lead me to a book on Geronimo Pratt and on to a book about his lawyer Johnnie Cochran and so on. I read Alondra Nelson' book, “Body and Soul The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination” for her extensive research on the Party's healthcare activism. Tumbler is a great source for …


I am looking forward to summer so much I've started my summer wardrobe. The winter is expensive with wool coats, status bag, Uber, boots and good red wine. Summer is easy it's all swimming, salads, reading, biking and white wine. I've been picking up mix and match bikini separates from H&M for a song. I love colorful flip flops at Old Navy.

Straw  bags and cloth bags replace heavy leather bags to carry fruit, water, books and my  ipad. Pretty cotton dresses at Forever 21 and Anthroplogie are my daily uniform. My big splurge is sandals. I was in Barney's New York yesterday checking out the Manolos and Louboutins . The sandals are so sexy and exquisite how can I choose. I need a moment.