Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Fav Biz Books

I admit I have an eclectic list of my favorite business books but I learned something monumental from each one. From "Mob Rules" I learned true business etiquette and networking. 50 Cent shows you the difference from being a wanksta and a gangsta. In visionary Barbara Corcoran's book she describes a moment were she buys flowers from a bodega and hits the ATM and her receipt balance is in the millions. From Kawasaki's book I learned to share information and be sincere in social media. Before Arianna founded the uber successful Huffington Post she ran and lost a runoff to be governor of California. She rolled with it because failure is a part of success. I learned to embrace failure and success. My favorite business quote comes from legend Shirley MacLaine, " Success and failure are the same to me. I am always working hard." True that.


I had a gift card for a makeup application in my International Emmy's Gala swag bag. So off I went to the Le Parker Méridien Hotel to ...