Friday, January 2, 2015

Crazy Sexy Cool

Tis the season to scoop up sales!  My first shop stops are H&M and Forever 21. There is where I get sexy tops, darling  statement necklaces and  chic earrings for under $5.

Forever 21
My good girlfriends were already into thrift shop chic but it took me awhile to get in to thrift shops. But after a nasty  period of credit card debt I decided to give it  a try and now I can't imagine what kept me away. I get the buzz of shopping as well as discovering some treasures. I even sold a red Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche silk dress I wore once and got as much as I paid for it twenty years ago from VIP Consignments.  I keep my eyes open for the  LBD, vintage Diane Von Furstenberg wraps, Pucci prints, leather anything and designer jeans that usually retail for $200 or more.  I love it when I can get something under $20 bucks that in a retail store would easily be a hundred times that price. Many designers donate samples and end of the season designs. My latest find was Carlos Miele dresses and shoes  at Housing Works.  
Check out this fun stack of  Cara bangles on sale at  Angel Street Thrift shop.

With all the savings I splurged on sexy stiletto shooties from Barney's. Forever Fabulous.


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