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Orpheus Group

Several months  ago I caught up with Orpheus Group at The Lenora for a wrap party for "Exposed" the next Keanu Reeves film. The ladies Maria Nelson and Ellyn Long Marshall are on the move. Seriously to new offices. The casting directors are the go to team for independent film. Very selective of their projects they have the best eye for talent in show business.

Don't Send Me Flowers

I hate flower arraignments. I think they are pretentious and stiff and better suited to a restaurant or hotel. When people send them I say thank you and give them away. If you know me at all I love flowers from a corner store or flower cart. Just bring by a bouquet in paper( if your invited) of roses, sunflowers, gladiolus and yes even carnations. 

One of my favorite books is " The Botany of Desire". I have beautiful heavy crystal vases I have collected over the years. My favorite is an Hermes bud vase perfect for one rose or orchid and the simplicity is elegant. So don't send me flowers, send a vase.