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Coffee meets Bagel

Shakespeare waxed poetic in "A Midsummer  Night's Dream" thus, "The course of true love never did run smooth". Enter the Kang sisters and their app Coffee Meets Bagel. The beautiful  Arum, Dawoon and Soo were pursuing high powered careers  in finance, marketing and graphic design when they saw the challenges other  New York City singles met connecting with  compatible quality mates.  The team adds,"The three of us lived in New York City in our late 20s and saw that more and more of our very eligible friends were having difficulty meeting new, interesting people. I think this is a reflection of the changing lifestyle of today’s generation. In our fast paced lives, we just don’t have enough time to spend on meeting new people. When we tried online dating, we were surprised at how seedy and borderline-insulting the online dating experience was for most women. You can only take so many unwanted, “Hey baby.” messages from random men. So, we wanted to create a d…

The Water Diviner

Academy Award wining actor Russell Crowe makes his directorial debut in the magnificent sweeping epic, “The Water Diviner”. As rugged  Australian farmer John Connor. (Russell Crowe) his transformative journey begins as he leaves his  farm  to find his three presumed dead sons after the bloody Battle of Gallipoli seem in vivid flashbacks. Connor travels to Istanbul and encounters military resistance in his search for the remains of his sons. He is aided by the beautiful widow and hostel owner Ayshe (Olga Kurylenko)and Major Hassan  (Yilmaz Erdodan),a Turkish officer who fought in opposition to the English occupation ( who won a well deserved Australian Best Actor award)  in his trek across the  battled scarred Turkey. Olga has her own challenges as a single mother of the adorable Orhan( Dylan Georgiades )The scenes between Connor and Ayshe  are passionate and romantic beyond words. Director Crowe and the screenplay evenly  handles the Turkish point of view. The cinematography is breath…