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Minister of Self Defense Indiegogo

While writing Huffington Post   to support and bring shine to other filmmakers ( A Lady Must Live, Millie and The Young Lords) I was learning about crowd funding too. Last month I attended a workshop on  at IFP Media Center in Brooklyn with John Trigonis  and  Kristen Konwitz  from Indiegogo Film. Thanks to the talented actors at Intar Theatre where scenes  from the screenplay were read weekly. Backstage gave me access to post casting notices.This month I launched a crowd funding campaign  "Minister of Self Defense". "Minister of Self Defense"  is a feature film project about Huey P. Newton of The Black Panther Party.  As New York took to the streets in protest of the Eric Garner grand jury verdict ( I can't breathe!) I have been working on a three year journey to bring Huey's activism against police brutality in the 1960's to the big screen.This is the first step in a journey to make a feature film that can't be made without the people who want to…

#OBESSED @ Lord & Taylor

About a month ago I was in Twitterverse when @LordandTaylor asked, "What are you obsessed about?". Well I am in the Fifth Avenue Lord and Taylor frequently and I covet the Coach Tatum tote.  So perfect for carrying all my stuff( iPad, yoga mat, snacks, extra shoes,  makeup bag etc.) so I tweeted back on @StilettoFilms with the #Obsessed. Well this morning my handsome FedEx man delivered an envelope with a gift card from Lord and Taylor. Just what this Lady Boss needs a day of retail theraphy. Thanks for the treat Lord and Taylor!