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The Mulford Act

Storming the Sacramento Capitol steps, Black Panther Party members led by Chairman Bobby Seale including 12 men and six women fully armed came to protest The Mulford Act. Minister of Self Defense Huey P. Newton wrote the Executive Mandate Number One of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense that Bobby Seale read before the press and onlooker’s who included Governor Ronald Reagan and a group of Boy Scouts.
The gun laws in the State of California in 1967 stated that you could carry a loaded gun out on the street so long as it was registered, not concealed and not pointed in a threatening manner. Representative Donald Mulford introduced the bill being debated inside the Capitol later signed in to law by California Governor Ronald Reagan to   ban open carry based on the armed patrols of  The Black Panther Party  in response to police brutality. 

I have a JuntoBoxfilm campaign going for my film project, "Minister of Self Defense"about Huey P. Newton.
From the screenplay, I added …