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At the end of his GQ magazine article, ”The New and Improved Leading Man”, Mark Harris asks the question about the movie “Magic Mike”, “Remember the other guy in the movie? You know, the young guy who know, the Guy? What’s his name?“ Well Mark we do.   AdamRodriquez. Joe Mangniello. These two gorgeous and talented actors should be bona fide Movie Stars.  The most important rule of being a leading man is best described in “Bambi vs. Godzilla” by the venerable David Mamet, “These men, and their performances, are characterized by the absence of the desire to please. On screen, they don’t have anything to prove, and so we are extraordinarily drawn to them. They are not sensitive: they are not antiheroes; they are to use a historic term, “he-men”. How refreshing.” Today’s movie going audiences have seen real men in the media, 9/11 first responders and Seal Team Six. John Wayne and Cary Grant were molded by a studio system but you believed they could lead a posse or sweep a wom…