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Isn’t it Romantic?

Recently two essayson the dearth and death of romantic comedies produced since 2000 appeared, "Why are Romantic Comedies So Bad?" and "Are Romantic Comedies Dead?".A romantic comedydoesn’t explore the hardcore reality of grief, prostitution, mental illness, cultural pressure, familial relationships, class warfare, and racial and economic inequality. Methinks the essays missed the point that the genre is all about heighten reality where true love sweeps aside obstacles for the hero and heroine to live happily ever after. The 2012 Best Picture Oscar nominee “Silver Linings Playbook” was mentioned as a successful example of the genre in both pieces.Personally I love the movie but Bradley Cooper and Best Actress Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrencemust be the two hottest people in Philly. If Bradley and Chris Tucker are typical mental patients, ladies go over to the nearest psychiatric hospital and sign out a guy today. That’s why the film is so engaging and you root for the…


My bestie called to ask me about getting back into show business. She has national commercial credits and was an Elite fashion model. But alot has changed from the days when we went on foot to agent’s offices, checked our answering machines on a pay phone and picked up sides in person.(Wow I am old) Show business, the last of the handshake businesses has gone high tech. Everybody has a smartphone or you can’t compete. An agent or casting director should be able to communicate with you ASAP. Your phone should also have your headshot, résumé in PDF, composite and reel on point. Producers and directors look at reels and resumes for talent round the clock thereby a website and/or web page is essential. For “Full Metal Jacket” director Stanley Kubrick placed ads for actors to submit audition tapes.This has now become a standard industry practice.Having a good HDhandheld camera for audition submissions when requested or to create your own content is an advantage.
Brette Taylor’s website is t…