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The Barneys Warehouse Sale

The fashionista high holy week is upon us with the opening of The Barney’s Warehouse Sale on Feb 14- 24, 2013.  The sale is temporarily located at the Co-Op store at 255 W 17th Street in the Chelsea area of Manhattan.  You’ll be near Housing Works on 17th St so if you have clothes to donate it’s good cause. Grab a coffee or tea for the long line outside. This sale is diva warfare, fatigue sets in and it’s cold in there.  Leave your handbag at home, you’ll only have to check it and retrieve upon leaving the store. Wear a jacket or cargo pants with lots of pockets. Best to carry your PDA, credit card(s) and ID if you plan to apply for a Barney’s card. Once you are inside and can start the designer sale scavenger hunt I suggest you pick two zones. Say shoes and coats and come back a second day for more shopping. The last day is the monster because everything is slashed to rock bottom.  Take your bestie and work the racks. A team effort always yields more. Skip the sensible purchases of a…