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The brilliant Mindy Kaling in her book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me??” does a funny riff on the Seven Rom-Com Archetypes. Over the last two years I have been writing a Rom-Com, “The Billionairess”.  My screenplay is inspired by “The Millionairess”. When I went to see the movie "Nine" I was struck by the resemblance of Sophia Loren and Penelope Cruz. I loved the movie by the way. ...When I left the movie theater I sat in Starbucks and sketched out a film idea I had inspired by the George Bernard Shaw play "The Millionairess". While I was writing I thought about the archetypes I hoped to break and the ones I love. My heroine is very modern businesswoman. “The Billionairess” has her own jet, runs several corporations, lives at 740 Park Avenue and can turns  a rundown Chinatown café into an upscale boutique hotel in a New York minute. She has the best of everything. I like flipping the romance formula to be between a rich powerful woman and a poor independent m…